Plastic Poly Grow Bags (Flat Bottom) 0.15 Gallon / 20 Oz (50 Pieces)

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  • Thickened seedling bag: High-quality thickened seedling bags, which can retain water, prevent fertilizer from flowing out and better protect our plants.
  • Grow Bags Multi-purpose: Our thickened seedling bags are widely used in gardens, seedlings, flowers, and various fruit trees.
  • Good breathability: The bottom of each nursery bag has a small hole design, the root can absorb fresh air well, and can promote the development of the root.
  • High Quality Raising Bags: Degradable seedling bag, Embossed puncture point process makes the seedling bag more evenly stressed, good flexibility, and pulling is not easy to break.

Size: 5inch x 6inch (Volume Capacity-600ml)

Pack: 50 Pieces