Anti Bird Net (Bird Netting For Garden)

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Green
  • Mesh Size: 1 inch
  • A permanent solution, ideal for commercial projects
  • Sensible, strong, long-lasting and hassle-free
  • Lightweight, pliable, maintenance-free material
  • Also excludes birds

Anti Bird Net is easy to install and maintain as a harmless way to eliminate pigeon menace or bird problems. Also designed to support all climbing plants, vegetables, and long-stemmed ornamental flowers encouraging healthy growth from seedling to maturity The plastic climbing support nets are manufactured from high strength, yet lightweight polypropylene plastic mesh netting.  

  • Made of 100% virgin HDPE, stronger and more durable.
  • Green netting, the color suitable plants, beautiful and comfortable.
  • Allowing sunlight and water to pass through, doesn’t interfere with plant growth.